Mum gives eight-year-old daughter BOTOX and waxes her legs

Most 8-year-old kids have never even heard about botox, much less been given an injection by their own mum. Kerry Campbell (37) lost custody over her daughter after giving her 8-year-old daughter botox injections to make her beautiful.

– I’m not doing anything illegal, and my daughter needs the extra help to become beautiful. She deserves a happy life, says Kerry Campbell to journalists after the court case.

Kerry is originally from the UK but  lives in San Francisco, California. The government in the American state has relieved Kerry of her custody after the case was submitted due to child abuse.

– She complained about her face and her wrinkles. When I suggested botox she was really into it, said Kerry. 

She works at a beauty parlor and is an avid user of botox treatments herself.

– She’d seen me doing it many times, so everything was fine the first time I injected her, she says to Good Morning America. 

It hurts sometimes

Her daughter, 8-year-old Britney, says it hurts and makes her nervous, but she’s getting used to the injections.

Her mother injects her lips and areas around her eyes.

– I want my daughter to have the best looks possible so she can become a superstar, said her mother in an interview. 

Going to be a star

In an interview with The Sun Kerry explained that Britney is going to become a star, and this treatment will help her reach that goal. The mother is also waxing her legs to stop any hair growth.

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